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As an avid coffee enthusiast, I’ve always admired Starbucks for its smooth brews and warm, inviting ambiance. A couple of years back, my love for coffee turned into a professional pursuit, and I found myself becoming a Starbucks partner.

Through this journey, I’ve gained firsthand experience of Starbucks’ remuneration system, including salary, hourly pay, benefits, and more. If you’re curious about the Starbucks partner salary, you’ve landed at the right place!

Starbucks Partner Salary Structure

It’s not just the invigorating aroma of coffee that makes Starbucks a preferred place to work; it’s also its impressive pay structure. Let’s dive into Starbuck’s salaries to understand what different job titles at Starbucks can expect to earn.

Average Starbucks Partner Salary in 2023

Fast-forward to 2023, the average Starbucks partner hourly pay sits comfortably above the national minimum wage. A Starbucks partner can expect to earn anywhere between $11-$16 per hour, depending on their tenure and job role. This figure represents a reasonable increment from 2021 and 2022, reflecting Starbucks’ commitment to rewarding its partners.

Starbucks Barista Salary Range

The lifeblood of any Starbucks store, baristas, earn an average hourly pay that typically ranges between $9 and $16. This wage depends on factors such as location, tenure, and hours worked.

Starbucks Store Manager Salary

As the highest job title in a Starbucks store, a store manager can expect an average base salary ranging from $45,000 to $75,000 per year. The range fluctuates based on years of service and store performance. It’s also supplemented with performance bonuses and other benefits.

Partner Hourly Starbucks Salaries

Starbucks partners are paid an hourly wage that varies depending on location, experience, and job title. The national average hourly wage for Starbucks partners is $15 per hour, but this can range from $13 to $18 per hour. In some high-cost areas, such as New York City or San Francisco, partners may make more than $20 per hour.

In addition to their hourly wage, Starbucks partners also receive tips. The amount of tips that a partner receives will vary depending on the store’s location and the volume of business. However, on average, partners can expect to earn about $2 per hour in tips.

Starbucks also offers its partners a number of benefits, including health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and a 401(k) plan with a company match. Partners also receive free drinks and food while they are working, and they are eligible for a discount on Starbucks merchandise.

Overall, Starbucks partners are paid a competitive wage and receive a number of benefits. The exact amount that a partner will earn will vary depending on a number of factors, but the national average hourly wage is $15 per hour.

Here are some additional details about Starbucks partner hourly salaries:

  • The starting hourly wage for Starbucks partners is typically $13 to $14 per hour.
  • Partners with more experience can earn up to $18 per hour.
  • Partners in high-cost areas may earn more than $20 per hour.
  • Partners also receive tips, which can add an additional $2 per hour to their earnings.
  • Starbucks offers a number of benefits to its partners, including health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and a 401(k) plan with a company match.
  • Partners also receive free drinks and food while they are working, and they are eligible for a discount on Starbucks merchandise.

Starbucks Pay Trends via

According to, the average hourly pay for Starbucks employees in the United States is \$15.00. This number varies depending on the job title, location, and experience level. For example, cashiers typically earn \$12.00 per hour, while shift supervisors earn \$17.00 per hour. In some high-cost areas, such as New York City, the average hourly pay for Starbucks employees can be as high as \$20.00.

The pay trends for Starbucks employees have been on the rise in recent years. In 2018, the average hourly pay for Starbucks employees was \$13.00. This means that wages have increased by \$2.00 per hour, or 15%, in just five years. This increase in pay is likely due to a number of factors, including the rising cost of living, the increasing demand for Starbucks coffee, and the company’s commitment to providing fair wages to its employees.

If you are considering a job at Starbucks, you can expect to earn an average hourly wage of \$15.00. However, your actual pay may vary depending on your job title, location, and experience level. You can find more information about Starbucks pay rates on the company’s website or on job boards like

As of today, July 26, 2023, the average hourly pay for Starbucks employees in the United States is \$15.00. This number is likely to continue to rise in the future, as the company continues to grow and expand.

Starbucks Employee Common Benefits

Starbucks Corporation doesn’t stop at competitive pay in 2023. They also offer a range of benefits to their partners, reinforcing their reputation as a great employer.

Comprehensive Benefits Package

A Starbucks employee, irrespective of their job title, is eligible for a variety of benefits. From healthcare insurance to a 401(k) plan, the company invests in its partners’ well-being. Partners can also enjoy Starbucks uncategorized salaries like tips, bonuses, and even stock investment options.

Starbucks Partner Perks

Who doesn’t want to get free drinks while working? Starbucks partners not only get a caffeine fix but also receive discounts on food and merchandise. Plus, partners can share a free pound of coffee or tea with their families every week.

Starbucks Partner Salary – Is It Worth It?

To answer this, let’s examine some data points collected directly from employees and consider a few real-life testimonials.

Starbucks Partner Testimonials

“Being a partner in Starbucks has been a rewarding experience. The pay is decent, but it’s the camaraderie with my coworkers and the company culture that truly stand out.” – Anonymous Starbucks Barista,

“Working as a store manager at Starbucks is challenging but fulfilling. The base pay and benefits are competitive, and you feel valued as a partner.” – Anonymous Store Manager,

Starbucks Pay in 2023: A Closer Look

How Much Does a Partner Make at Starbucks?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this, as a partner’s pay relies heavily on their job title, experience, and geographic location. However, the average Starbucks partner hourly pay is a good starting point. For instance, a Starbucks partner working part-time can expect to earn around $12 – $16 per hour.

Starbucks Uncategorized Salaries

Besides the primary roles, Starbucks also employs various other positions, often falling under Starbucks uncategorized salaries. These could be roles like roasters or union organizers. As with other positions, the pay for these roles is diverse, often based on expertise and location.

Starbucks Average Salaries

Starbucks is a multinational coffeehouse chain that employs over 300,000 people worldwide. The average Starbucks salary in the United States is $28,083 per year. This is slightly above the national average for all occupations, which is $27,060 per year.

The average salary for a Starbucks barista is $14.74 per hour. This is slightly above the national average for baristas, which is $14.25 per hour. The average salary for a Starbucks store manager is $46,768 per year. This is significantly higher than the national average for store managers, which is $42,490 per year.

Salaries at Starbucks vary depending on the location, position, and experience level. For example, baristas in major cities tend to earn more than baristas in smaller towns. Store managers with more experience also tend to earn more than store managers with less experience.

Overall, Starbucks salaries are competitive with other companies in the retail and food service industries. The company also offers a number of benefits to its employees, such as health insurance, paid time off, and tuition reimbursement.

What It’s Like to Work at Starbucks?

Starbucks is not just a place to work; it’s a community. With a rich blend of diversity and a vibrant work culture, working at Starbucks can be a rewarding experience. From my experience, my coworkers are great, and there’s a good balance between the amount of work and leisure.


1. What is the average Starbucks salary per hour in 2023?

In 2023, the average Starbucks partner salary ranges from $11 to $16 per hour, varying based on job role and tenure.

2. How much does a partner make at Starbucks annually?

A partner’s annual salary at Starbucks greatly depends on their job title. For instance, a store manager can earn between $45,000 to $75,000 per year.

3. Do Starbucks partners get free drinks?

Yes, Starbucks partners get free drinks during their shifts and receive significant discounts on food and merchandise.

4. What benefits do Starbucks partners receive?

Starbucks offers partners comprehensive benefits including health insurance, 401(k) plans, stock options, free drinks during shifts, and weekly coffee or tea to share with their families.

5. How much does a Starbucks barista make per hour?

The average hourly wage for a Starbucks barista ranges from $9 to $16. Factors such as location and tenure can affect the pay scale.


Navigating the Starbucks partner salary landscape can be a complex task due to the variability in job roles, locations, and tenures. But with the comprehensive guide outlined above, we hope to provide you with a clearer understanding of what to expect. Starbucks not only offers competitive salaries but also maintains a robust benefits system that makes it a desirable place to work.


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